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Welcome to AYVA

A permanent make up salon specialized in applying powderbrows using the latest permanent make up techniques. Experience the ease, comfort and beauty of PMU eyebrows; we strive to realize your perfect eyebrows. For us, this means offering top notch products and artistry combined with the best personal service.

Curious about our treatments, prices, or want to find a slot in our agenda? Make an appointment or feel free to ask any questions by contacting us!



Nothing in life is more valuable than being sincere in our intentions and being honest about our every move. No surprises, no hassles.


It’s our job to make sure women say “I look and feel like a million bucks” out loud. We achieve this by providing them with expressive looks that emphasize and enhance their own characteristics. Powerful, statement-wise and always compatible with who they are!



 Recently, we have a number of new treatments. You can now also have lip blush, deepliner and non-laser removal treatments performed with us! Keep an eye on our social media channels and website to be kept informed of new treatments, or read here

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