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We are AYVA. The permanent make up studio for women who love themselves. It’s our job to make sure women say “I look and feel like a million bucks” out loud. We achieve this by providing our women with expressive looks that emphasize and enhance
their own characteristics. Powerful, statement-wise and always in line with who they are as a person, from within and from the outside. 

With our treatments, we let women experience the convenience, comfort and beauty of permanent makeup. In doing so, we promise we will always strive to make their ideal image of themselves a reality. For us, that means offering top notch  products and artistry combined with the best personal service possible.

This way, we want to give women’s self-confidence a boost and remove any doubts about their appearance as much as possible. Ultimately, we hope to contribute to a world full of women who dare to be who they want to be.

Hey girls,

I’m Julia Rinkens, proud mother of two beautiful kids and a PMU beautician. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by beauty and care. In my opinion, there is no job more worthwhile than boosting the self-confidence of women. That is what I want to achieve with AYVA every single day; making your ideal self-image a reality. At the same time I want make sure my ladies feel welcome and at home at my beauty parlour, daring to be themselves for a 100%.

I recently specialized in permanent make up. Because I wanted to offer my clients the best possible treatments, I studied under several renowned artists such as DMT Beauty, Dutch Art Avenue and Brows By Linnie. I keep challenging myself to reach my full potential by continuing to learn and to keep developing my skills. That way, I can create the perfect look for each and every woman. Most of all, I think that every woman deserves that extra bit of attention and love. Don’t keep on waiting and make an appointment. Do you have any questions? Please contact us. 



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